I. Opportunity & Responsibility

Our Junior Crew athletes perform on a local and regional level; some also compete on a national and international stage.

These are privileged opportunities and come with responsibility and an expectation of a high standard of conduct. Dedication to excellence, hard work, honesty and unselfishness are the values with which we measure our conduct. As a member of Junior Crew, your behavior should be a source of pride to yourself, family, team and community.

II. Safety & Growth

We strive to create a safe and healthy environment for our athletes to develop and demonstrate:

  • Patterns of lifelong physical fitness
  • Good sportsmanship, self-discipline, personal integrity & leadership
  • Respect for teammates, coaches, competitors and volunteers
  • Respect for facilities, equipment and the property of others
  • Responsibility for personal choices & commitments

III. Balance Academics & Sports

Athletes are expected to maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or above. Students or parents who are concerned about this issue should discuss individual needs with the coach.

IV. Rowing Season Behavior

Risky and dangerous behaviors are unacceptable. Such behaviors include, but are not limited to, the unsafe use of weapons (weapons are not to be brought to any rowing activity), use of alcohol or drugs, willful injury of others, bullying of any sort, and intentional destruction of property.

The coach will evaluate the seriousness of an offense and assign appropriate consequences which may include suspension or expulsion (without a refund) from the team. Code violations will be discussed in private by the coach with athletes. The coach will inform parents and the VIRC board of any known violations and the consequences. Enforcement decisions will be at the discretion of the coach with approval of the VIRC board in the case of expulsion.

V. Appeals

Before a disciplinary action can be appealed a rower or parent must first discuss the matter with the coach. After that a written request, outlining concerns, may be made to the VIRC board for further consideration.



Traveling to regattas is a privilege, not a right. When traveling with Vashon Island Rowing Club’s Junior Crew we represent ourselves in the best manner possible and treat everyone we encounter with respect and courtesy. The following rules apply at all regattas:

  • Arrive on time, be helpful, cheer for your teammates and stay to the end
  • Obtain permission from coach to leave regatta (or hotel) for any reason
  • Do not venture out alone, always travel with a buddy
  • Follow all instructions given by your coach, chaperones & race officials
  • Observe evening curfews and designated rest times
  • Be “angels” in hotels; no loud voices and no horseplay

If a rower does not adhere to the Code of Conduct and Regatta Protocol his/her parent will be contacted and may asked to take the rower home from the regatta at their own expense.