Vashon Island Junior Crew Uniform Order Information

Junior rowers and coxswain are required to wear a team unisuit (uni) for competition. Most also wear them for practice.

Unis and other optional team gear can be purchased online from JLRacing . Our team store will be open for about two weeks at the beginning of each season. Our uniform coordinator will let you know the dates. You will pay for your purchases directly online but to save costs, the entire team order will be shipped to our uniform coordinator for distribution. Team gear is less expensive if purchased during the time the JL team store is open. Orders can take 4 to 8 weeks to ship.

In addition to the uni, long trou (long spandex pants), a long sleeve tech shirt (tight fitting, quick-dry), and a hat (beanie or baseball style) are required for winter practice. These are available from JL with the team logo, but may be purchased elsewhere. A splash jacket (from the JL site) is recommended.

All rowers are required to wear socks in the boat. Some purchase water socks (available from Northwest Sports in Thriftway Plaza) but any socks will do.

Coxswains are required to have a wetsuit to stay warm in the boat since they are likely to get wet and cold.  For warmer weather competition they will wear a uni.

There is more optional team gear, including parent gear available from Sew Sporty  team name: Vashon Island, password: Vashonrowing (case sensitive). Items ordered from the Sew Sporty Team Store will be shipped directly to you. The store is always open.

Prior to the arrival of the team unis, novices should plan on wearing tight fitting shorts/pants and a tight fitting shirt to the boathouse for on and off the water workouts. Loose fitting clothes can get caught in the equipment. Running shoes are also required.

A limited amount of loaner gear (splash jackets, unisuits and other misc. clothing) is available for novices or others in need of uniform pieces. Contact the uniform coordinator if you would like to borrow something. There is no cost to borrowing these items. Just ask.