Spring Green Lake Regatta

Spring Green Lake Regatta

The 52nd Annual Green Lake Spring regatta featured something not experienced for this event in a few years – actual spring conditions.  Warm temperatures and light winds greeted rowers as dawn broke on Saturday morning and lasted until precisely the last air horn on the final race when the rains returned.  If the spring crew season is likened to an academic semester then this regatta is more like a quiz than a test or final exam with a relatively short 1000-meter course.  Nonetheless, as Coach Richard Parr observed at the day’s end: “I am really proud of both our Junior and Master crews.  It was a great start to the season and one of Vashon’s best regatta performances ever.  We will need to build off of this success.”  The summary stats tell the tale: with 24 race events entered, Vashon’s Junior and Masters crews failed to medal in only one race with 15 first, 3 second and 5 third place finishes.  And with those 15 first place finishes the average time over the second place boat was almost 10 seconds.

Here are the first place finishers were:

Open Men’s Quad (Baxter Call, Fletcher Call, Jacob Plihal, Tate Gill, Olivia Mackie- coxswain)

Open Women’s Double (Kirsten Girard, Mia Croonquist)

Open Women’s Quad (Hannah Russell, Kalie Heffernan, Girard, Croonquist, Ally Clevenger – coxswain)

Open Men’s Double (Plihal, Gill)

Open Novice Women’s Eight (Lily Helsby, Tabitha Illerbrunn, Oakley Reid, Madelyn McEachern,  Virginia Miller, Katrina Heffernan, Rhea Enzian, Riley Lynch, Clevenger, coxswain)

Master’s Women’s Four (Debby Jackson, Nancy Foster-Moss, Marilyn Kleyn, Mary Rothermel, Callie Andrews – coxswain)

Master’s Women’s Quad (Therese Smith – bow, Kleyn, Kim Goforth, Rotherme)

Master’s Women’s Double (Goforth, Rothermel)

Junior Women’s Quad (KaiLi Scheer, Shannon Lipe, Russell, Emily Milbrath, Andrews – coxswain)

Junior Men’s Four (B. Call, F. Call, Plihal, Gill, Mackie – coxswain)

Junior Men’s Quad (Ethan Rumberg, Alexander Wright, Liam McConnell, F. Call, Mackie – coxswain)

Mixed Double (Rumberg, Kalie Heffernan)

Lightweight Women’s Four (Scheer, Lipe, Russell, Milbrath, Andrews – coxswain)

Junior Novice Women’s Eight (Adriana Yarkin, Illerbrunn, Helsby, McEachern, Miller, Katrina Heffernan, Enzian, Lynch, Andrews – coxswain)

Mixed Master’s Eight (Gary Schoch, Jackson, Kleyn, Foster-Moss, Chad Magnuson, Andy Johnson, Colby Atwood, Goforth Clevenger – coxswain)

In total 37 Vashon rowers returned home with gold medals.  Seven rowers had three first place finishes and coxswain Callie Andrews won the “bling” award with a neck-straining 4 winning races.


By Pat Call

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