Spring Scrimmage Weekend

Spring Scrimmage Weekend

The opening event in the calendar for each spring crew season is the Masters-Juniors scrimmage and Saturday’s beautiful conditions were ideal for some spirited rowing.  After four flights of races over a 1500 meter course it all came down to the finale: a head to head mixed (four men and four women) eight race.  At the awards ceremony for the coveted One Guinea Pig cup, masters stroke Bruce Morser observed that he used to think that the annual race was between the masters and the juniors but now knows it is between the masters and the Fountain of Youth as once again with an annually-widening age disparity the juniors prevailed decisively.  This year’s course featured new course buoys from the start near Portage to the finish line of the 2000-meter course opposite Camp Burton.

On Sunday the junior crew journeyed to Lake Sammamish for a three-way scrimmage with the larger Sammamish and Olympia Area Rowing programs.  Again racing conditions were ideal until a fog bank blew onto the course sending rowers back to the shore and delaying racing by 90 minutes.  Vashon rowers entered 27 varsity, JV and novice events winning 12 of them.  A number of rowers raced in their first 2000 meter event:  Mabel Moses, Kate Lande, Maya Gould, Emma Greenlee, Cooper Py, Seth Rosen, Connor van Egmond, Cole Puckett, Lelah Assink, Tor Ormseth, Andreas Lorentzen, Aryeh Stahl, Joey Papa, Rohin Petram and Aidan Teachout.  Eighth grader Lelah Assink had this to say about her first race: “Two weeks ago I had never rowed a stroke in my life.  Rowing out to the starting line I was really nervous.  The rowers in the other boats looked so big and so much older. But once the race started it was just like the races we had done in practice and it all went really well.”

Summing up the weekend’s events, Coach Richard Parr observed that with the growing age gap between Masters and Juniors next year’s race will include a age handicap for the first time.  On the junior scrimmage, he noted that Vashon’s recent successes have attracted the attention of local coaches leading to improved competition so our crew will need to work extra hard to maintain its leadership position.  “Our varsity boats continue to perform well and it is exciting to see a new group of novice rowers jumping into boats and also competing well.”


By Pat Call

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