Passport 2 Pain


  IT’S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that this is NOT a race or a sanctioned or a well-supported ride. There will be no time keeping or winners or prizes or anything official. That would come with all kinds of additional responsibility that VIRC doesn’t want or accept. You’ll just get a crummy little paper Passport, a map and a slap on the back from a group of equally crazy friends. You’ll also get our deepest thanks and appreciation for joining us to support our humble rowing club, and a fun post-ride BBQ. We obviously can’t insure (or ensure) anyone’s personal safety. The Vashon roads are dangerous – very steep and narrow, turns are very sharp, and the surface is potholed, broken and gravel-covered in numerous places – there’s also ferry traffic, animals, the undead, etc. We obviously cannot guarantee good weather, or your sanity. MOST IMPORTANTLY, this ride is sick! – it’s extremely strenuous! and those uncertain of their top fitness should not attempt it. All Riders and volunteers will be responsible for all aspects of their own safety, bike repair and health (including food and water). Think of it this way: It’s a bit like another famous NW ride – only it’s got half the Ram, but all the Rod!

All this fun is brought to you by Vashon Island Rowing Club