Masters Regatta Registration

Masters can sign up following the links below for this season’s regattas. These links connect through our portal to Regatta Central. You cannot sign up directly at Regatta Central.

  • The regatta registration fees are based on recent history, and include the regatta’s entry fee, plus VIRC coaching fee, boat fee, trailering and where applicable, equipment rental and/or coach expenses for away regattas. They do not include your personal travel, hotel or meal expenses.
  • Registration deadlines are noted on the tab for each regatta and are approximately one month prior to the regatta date. The coach will set the boats based on the registration as of the deadline. If you have not registered for a regatta by the deadline, you will likely not be included on the roster for that regatta.
  • If a participant withdraws from a regatta before the deadline, their registration fee will be credited toward an upcoming invoice.
  • If a participant withdraws from the regatta after the deadline has passed, the regatta registration fee is forfeited, except in case of emergency, illness or injury. Note that credits of the entry fees will be dependent upon the refund rules of the individual regattas.

To qualify to be entered in a regatta, participants must commit to attending practice a minimum of three times per week one month prior to the regatta date. There may be opportunities to race if you are not able to commit to this level of practice. If this is the case, please discuss the options with the coach.

A few regattas are invitational. You are welcome to sign up for these, but there is no guarantee you will race. We need to determine which boats we will be allowed to enter.


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