Farewell to Coach Steve

Farewell to Coach Steve
Congratulations to Coach Steve Full with his new position as the freshman women’s rowing coach at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  “My decision to take this opportunity was certainly not an easy one.”, says Steve.  “All summer I had been reconstructing the training plans, outlining goals for masters,
juniors, teams, boats, and individuals.  I knew there was an excitement that had crept into everyone about what was going to happen this fall and spring, and where we would all be next year.”
“Steve has done incredible things with our team and he has been noticed by the rowing community.  We wish him well with this great opportunity.”, said Kim Goforth, President of the Vashon Island Junior Crew.
In a message to the rowers Steve wrote, “The journey that has been Vashon Island Crew has been amazing, and memorable.  Coaching to me is not an interest, it is a passion that fuels the soul, and pushes [me] to continue to grow as a person. Vashon has grown on me in ways that I can’t quite put in to words yet.  I know now, that there is an island sized hole in my heart.”
We thank you for your dedication, Steve, and your role in the success of the club this past year.  Good luck in all your future endeavors.