Green Lake Early Season Scrimmage

Green Lake Early Season Scrimmage
Rowers from Vashon Island Rowing Club soft launched their racing season with a scrimmage with Green Lake Crew. The scrimmage was organized by former Vashon coach, Tom Kicinski, who currently coaches for Green Lake Crew, and Vashon coach Ben Steele, who formerly rowed for Green Lake.
Tom Kicinski had this to say, “this morning we had the pleasure of hosting Vashon Island Rowing club. When planning this event, we decided to do things a little differently. Instead of a traditional scrimmage of one club vs another we wanted to combine clubs and boats for the day and then race each other.”
Both teams were divided into 8+’s with each boat being equally divided between clubs. The exception was Riley Lynch, who rowed exclusively with the Green Lake team including a future Stanford teammate. The boats began the morning with a long row, progressing into a series of short duration high intensity races. The rowers worked hard, but laughter was abundant between pieces.  The morning ended with a pancake breakfast, curtesy of the Green Lake parents.
Athletes from both sides enjoyed getting to row with new people.  This gave them a chance to have a competitive, but fun environment to start the 2018 spring season.  The scrimmage was a catalyst for excitement in their upcoming races.  The opportunity to learn from new coaches and rowers is crucial to helping develop them as athletes and beyond.  Both teams displayed exceptional camaraderie, and Vashon represented the island remarkably.
“I had a lot of fun going back to my roots in the rowing community and seeing some of the rowers I started my novice year with now coaching at Green Lake.  It was rewarding to integrate my current and former teams for some racing.  I am grateful to Green Lake for being such generous and friendly hosts and I look forward to building a relationship between teams. You gain a lot from being a rower, but nothing is more important than the relationships you get to build not only across Washington but the entire country.”
Vashon Island Rowing Club races again on March 11th at Jensen Pt, followed by a return trip to see our friends at Green Lake on March 17th.
Article by Summer Rosen Photo by Ben Steele

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