2013 Master/Junior Scrimmage

2013 Master/Junior Scrimmage

VIRC’s annual Masters–Juniors Scrimmage took place on calm seas at inner Quartermaster Harbor Saturday, March 2nd.  The weather and water provided ideal conditions for the festive face-off.

The signature event of the day, the “One Guinea Pig Cup” race (loosely and whimsically inspired by the history behind the creation of America’s Cup) was the final head to head mixed eights bout.  The Cup was claimed by the Juniors for the second year in a row, with the win documented by the Junior Captain’s signature on the bottom of the trophy stand.

master junior scrimmage 2013

As one, long time Master rower put it, “We used to actually win this sometimes!   And I realized that every few years there are  new  junior rowers.  But it’s the same group of masters who’ve raced for the cup the last 20 years.  That might have something to do with it!”

The friendly contest between the Masters and Juniors gives the teams an opportunity to ready themselves for the upcoming Spring sprint season.  The kids were recognized and complimented for rowing “elegantly and really fast”.

Congratulations Juniors!

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